Industrial Investment

Make the industrial investment solid:

Chengdu High-tech Investment Venture Capital Co., Ltd.: the investment industry chain of angel investment-venture investment-private equity investment fund is preliminarily formed. Angel investment: the angel investment in 28 technology-oriented small and micro enterprises of the leading industry in the High-tech Zone is completed, totally RMB 51.42 million. Venture investment: there are 16 startups with the investment worth of RMB 62.85 million. Private equity investment fund: the establishment of four funds of "Xinxing Venture Capital", "Winpower", "Venture Accelerator" and "Winpower Technology" is initiated with total fund size of RMB 400 million.

Yinke Venture Capital Co., Ltd.: Chengdu Yinke Venture Capital Co., Ltd. jointly funded by the Group, the Export-Import Bank of China and Chengdu Investment Holding Group Co., LTD has initiated the establishment of such sub-funds as "DT Yinke", "Shengtang Yinke", "GTJA Yinke" and "Liding Yinke". By the end of 2014, Yinke Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has set up a total of 17 active co-operative sub-funds, held shares in two fund management companies, and run the fund with a size of RMB 5,523 million. The total amount of foreign investment is RMB 3,377 million from 17 funds, and a total of 121 projects are invested.

Major industrialization projects: by the end of June 2015, the Group has involved in the investment of 16 major industrialization projects, and the investment cost of such projects reaches RMB 6,100 million.